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About Membership

Join MIT and a community of universities, schools, governments, companies, foundations, and other organizations in J-WEL’s effort to transform learning at scale through innovative research and practice.

Become a Member of Our Global Community

MIT’s motto is “mens et manus,” or “mind and hand.”  All we build, research, and teach is inspired by this founding motto.  We believe deep learning is hands-on, rigorous, engaging, and socially meaningful. Abdul Latif Jameel World Education Lab welcomes you to join our community of educators, technologists, policymakers, and researchers as together we build, test, and scale sustainable solutions in education that will impact millions of learners of different ages, abilities, and motivations around the world.


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Your Lab to Explore, Design, Reform

MIT invites you to engage with global colleagues to innovate, co-generate, and share solutions for developing curriculum, designing new education and training programs, conducting learning research, and reimagining existing institutes and policy.


J-WEL works with our member organizations — schools, colleges, companies, nongovernmental organizations (NGO’s) and government agencies — to address challenges and opportunities that have the potential to transform education worldwide. Our work is focused in areas that we believe have the potential for transformational impact, and areas in which MIT has unique capabilities and perspectives. 


Membership Levels

Members can join at the Affiliate, Sustaining, or Comprehensive/Charter levels, accessing the level of benefits suited to their engagement. Members at the Affiliate and Sustaining levels join one of our three collaboratives, and Comprehensive and Charter members participate in activities of all three. Charter members may further engage in custom projects as described below.

Membership Levels
Affiliate Sustaining Comprehensive/Charter
USD $50,000/year USD $200,000/year USD $500,000/year

Member Engagement

Member organizations work with our team to develop a three-year program of engagement for each member to address specific member needs and interests, and identify the best membership options to address the goals identified. The building blocks for our member engagements are our program opportunities and ancillary opportunities.

Program Opportunities

Throughout the year, J-WEL works with our members to develop in- person and virtual events that bring together the global experiences and perspectives of our members with experts in key areas of interest from across MIT. MIT faculty, researchers, and staff share the latest in effective practice and learning science through presentations, hand-ons activities and working sessions tailored to member’s’ engagement goals. Programs range from large events with a wide view of educational transformation — our J-WEL Weeks and J-WEL Connections events — to smaller events with more focused topics and member participation — our Workshops and Exchanges.

>> Learn more about participating in program opportunities.

Ancillary Opportunities

J-WEL ancillary opportunities provide members with access to a wide range of programs and benefits from across the MIT community. Ancillary opportunities are an important complement to program opportunities in developing member engagement plans, and the J-WEL team will assist in identifying the most relevant options. Ancillary opportunities are also a great way to bring MIT resources to colleagues across your campus or workplace.

>> Learn more about accessing ancillary opportunities.

Project Opportunities

At the Charter level of membership, the J-WEL team will work with your organization to scope and execute a custom project incorporating the membership benefits with additional member-specific activities governed by a separate project agreement, which may include additional costs.

>> Contact us about developing a custom project.


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