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About Membership

Join MIT and a community of universities, schools, governments, companies, foundations, and other organizations in J-WEL’s effort to transform learning at scale through innovative research and practice.

Become a Member of Our Global Community

MIT’s motto is “mens et manus,” or “mind and hand.”  All we build, research, and teach is inspired by this founding motto.  We believe deep learning is hands-on, rigorous, engaging, and socially meaningful. Abdul Latif Jameel World Education Lab welcomes you to join our community of educators, technologists, policymakers, and researchers as together we build, test, and scale sustainable solutions in education that will impact millions of learners of different ages, abilities, and motivations around the world.


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Your Lab to Explore, Design, Reform

MIT invites you to engage with global colleagues to innovate, co-generate and share solutions for developing curriculum, designing new education and training programs, conducting learning research, and reimagining existing institutes and policy.


Through J-WEL, members interact with the MIT community to:

  • Explore, design and reform curriculum, programs, or institutes

  • Access and participate in new research on learning

  • Exchange innovations and research via on-campus, members-only events spread throughout the year

  • Participate in a community of like-minded but diverse peers and education leaders across pK-12, higher education, and workplace learning

  • Receive regular communication of best practices and research via newsletters and web meetings

  • Access free and reduced-price MIT learning content and credentials via MIT’s online offerings, bootcamps, and professional programs


Membership Highlights


New Research on Learning

With input from J-WEL Members, MIT faculty and researchers will undertake new research projects investigating the conditions under which learning succeeds. Research outcomes will directly inform and renew the curriculum, pedagogy and learning technologies out of J-WEL, creating a cycle of research and development informed by the interests and needs of the J-WEL member community.

All members will have early access to learning research funded through J-WEL. In some cases, MIT may collaborate with Sustaining, Comprehensive, and Charter members on research, including member subjects and/or data in research projects. Members will also be informed of Collaborative-relevant learning research performed elsewhere when that research is published and known to MIT.


J-WEL Weeks and J-WEL Exchanges

Twice a year, member representatives gather at MIT for J-WEL Weeks featuring thematic, faculty-led programs composed of interactive workshops and discussions, facility tours and demonstrations, and early research briefs on the latest in learning science, curriculum, and pedagogy of MIT.

Sustaining and charter members will have the opportunity to attend J-WEL Exchanges, deeper dive collaborations where members focus on specific topics and outcomes working alongside MIT faculty and staff.  Exchanges include hands-on intensive workshops in which participants may design curriculum and content, change pedagogy and instruction, build new programs, adapt deliver, and alter organization structure. Exchanges will be outcome-driven and characterized by substantial connections to MIT.

These events also provide the opportunity to keep up on the latest research and practice in education, and form relationships with faculty and other members.


Other Engagements

Additionally, members will gain access to: engagements with other network members worldwide; online workshops and webinars on topics in teacher education and workforce development, pedagogy and instruction, school and program design, and leadership; discounts across MIT learning including online learning, professional education courses and bootcamps; and connection to a broad array of MIT projects.


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