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Lemelson MIT EurekaFest2015 student team describing their project


  • Reinvent pK-12 Education
    Addressing primary and secondary education will enable us to reach children at the most critical time of their lives, and to prepare them for the future we will leave in our trail amidst economic, political, technological, and planetary change.
  • Renew Higher Education
    Transforming Higher Education will allow us to prepare the next generation of professionals who are employable, and who can create employment, while also becoming critical thinkers and leaders for the world.

  • Revitalize Workplace Learning
    Ongoing conversations with business through the WPL Collaborative will inform us of what educational standards we need to fulfill the potential of the next generation, while also keeping the workforce productive, engaged, and responsive to changing industries.

MIT Museum exhibit physics demonstration

J-WEL is a living, learning laboratory

Work with us as we:

  • Share evidence-based research on learning

  • Redesign schools and programs

  • Advance curriculum, pedagogy, and teacher education

  • Develop learning tools and technologies

  • Build collaborative new programs, departments, and institutes

  • Inform best practices and policy

  • Lead educational innovation at MIT

  • Convene as a global community to identify next challenges and goals

To achieve this, we invite you to join us, along with MIT affiliates across campus, to make impact at scale.