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Human Skills Workshop Curriculum and Materials

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”Human Skills: Foundation for Success in the Future of Work” is a workshop designed to help participants understand essential non-technical skills for success in the complex work environments of today and tomorrow. The workshop highlights skills for the ways we think, ways we interact with others, ways we manage ourselves, and ways we lead others.

At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will be able to:
  1. Describe ‘human skills’ needed to succeed in the workplace of today and the future
  2. Identify their own tendencies for at least five skills
  3. Recognize when skills are needed in different work experiences
  4. Use diverse feedback from workshop experiences to initiate a personal growth plan
The workshop is designed as a highly interactive experience in which participants will not only identify and assess their own abilities in critical skills, but will also practice them in five realistic scenarios. In addition to commonly-recognized skills such as communication and collaboration, students will also be exposed to less publicized skills such as ethical thinking, adaptability, and critical thinking with data. After engaging with these skills, participants will have the opportunity to self-assess their performance and to receive feedback from peers and experts. The capstone of the workshop is a design task that participants will present to those in attendance during the final session. After self-reflection and reviewing feedback, participants will have the opportunity to develop a personal growth plan.

Topics: Curriculum Design Future of Work

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