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Podcast Summary: Learning From People at the Frontier of Knowledge

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Corporations have an explicit mandate to innovate and reinvent themselves but, when it comes to fostering innovation, companies pay attention to easy-to-measure resources, such as capital deployed, and processes, such as technology scouting. Corporations often give less attention to the harder-to-measure people-oriented drivers of real innovation, like culture, values, and a thirst for knowledge. These so-called people issues have the greatest power to shape the culture of innovation and create a sustained competitive advantage for a business. People who are at the frontier of knowledge are typically self-driven and inspired by their quest for understanding. What can organizations do to learn from these people at the frontier of knowledge? In this episode, Enrique Shadah, Associate Director of Workplace Learning @ J-WEL, speaks with Eugene "Gene" Fitzgerald, the Merton C. Flemings SMA professor of materials science and engineering at MIT, and author of the book Inside Real Innovation: How the Right Approach Can Move Ideas from R&d to Market - And Get the Economy Moving.


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