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Researching Invention Education

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Invention education (IvE) is a developing field of study in both K–12 and higher  education. Entities and individuals who associate their work with IvE offer young people opportunities to develop ways of thinking, capabilities, and dispositions  identified as being common to inventors. 
The contributors to this paper adopted a working definition of IvE as the facilitation of educational engagement in which people find and define problems and design and build new, novel, useful, and unique solutions that  contribute to the betterment of society (Committee for the Study of Invention, 2004; Couch, Skukauskaite,  & Green, 2019). The Lemelson Foundation identifies IvE as “a pedagogical approach focused on problem  identification through empathy and collaborative problem solving that results in novel solutions by integrating the process of invention into teaching and learning” (The Lemelson Foundation & Coy, in press). 


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