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Bridging the Education / Workforce Gap - Day 1: Panel 2 - The Role of Education Policy

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  • Bob LePage
    Assistant Secretary for Career Education Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • Maria Flynn
    President JFF
  • Jennifer James
    Undersecretary For Workforce Development Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • Michael Britt-Crane
    Education and Workforce Development Lead U.S. Department of Defense


The pandemic brought home an urgent need: the best-educated are prospering but we are leaving too many behind. Community Colleges are a rich resource for educating higher skilled workers that industry is now demanding. However, schools, working with employers and policymakers, must do more to bridge the gap between education and employment.

This conference hosted thought leaders from all parts of the education-workforce equation to discuss how we can expand and create new training opportunities that prepare students for quality jobs.  Building on new models discussed in a new MIT study (MassBridge Advanced Manufacturing Education Benchmark Report) we heard from educators, policymakers, industry, and students about how to bridge the gap.  Advanced manufacturing can be one source for well-paying, highly skilled jobs, but our discussions extended to other sectors, as well – health, financial, information technology.  

The conference was hosted by MIT Open Learning and MassBridge, a state-wide effort to build new education models for advanced skills.

Topics: Future of Work Professional Education

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