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Career Advice for the Future Workforce (J-WEL Connections)

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  • Assistant Director for Workforce Learning, J-WEL Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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  • Program Manager National Teachers College
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  • Vice President for Competitiveness and Employability UOC Open University of Catalonia
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  • Director,Center for Alignment of Educational Outcomes with Labour Market King Abdulaziz University (KSA)
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  • Deborah Liverman
    Executive Director of Career Advising and Professional Development MIT


Experts from across pK-12 and higher education join us for a panel discussion to explore opportunities and challenges of providing career advice for students so they are work-ready for career success. 

Panelists and participants will explore questions such as: What kind of future of work should we be preparing students for? What kinds of career advice should students receive? How should career advice evolve from the first day of school to graduation, and what are the best mechanisms for delivery?

Topics: Future of Work

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