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Career Advice for Workers (J-WEL Connections)

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  • Assistant Director for Workforce Learning, J-WEL Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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  • Chief Exec Lanterne Rouge
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  • Martin Scaglione
    President and CEO Hope Street Group
  • Janell Schmidt
    Vice President of Human Resources Amsted Rail


Experts from across industry and edtech join us for a panel discussion to explore opportunities and challenges of providing career advice for workers so they are able to advance in their careers.

Susan Young facilitates the discussion between Alexandra Lamb, Martin Scaglione, and Janell Schmidt to explore questions such as: What kinds of individual and systemic inputs should career advisors consider? How should we evaluate career advice? How can we validate career advice? Besides employers, what role should other ecosystem stakeholders play in providing career advice to workers?

Topics: Future of Work

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