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Chief Learning Officers as Organizational Transformers

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The traditional model of the Chief Learning Officer (CLO) is no longer meeting the needs of today’s organizations, according to our research, based on in-depth interviews with 21 senior learning officers at 19 large companies. A new and powerful model, the Transformer CLO, is starting to emerge.  These CLOs are embracing a more strategic role in which they take responsibility to reshape their organizations’ capabilities and culture. They are driving three principal types of change, transforming their organizations’ learning goals, learning methods and learning departments.

Goals: Transformer CLOs are shifting the focus from the development of skills to the development of mindsets and capabilities that will help workers perform well now and adapt smoothly in the future.

Methods: These CLOs are making learning more experiential and immediate, and atomizing content for delivery when and where it’s needed.

Departments: They are reshaping their units, making them leaner, more agile, and more strategic.

Join Dr. George Westerman, principal research scientist, Workforce Learning at J-WEL, and Abbie Lundberg, president of Lundberg Media, as they discuss their research and newly published article in Harvard Business Review. The research explores how forward-thinking CLOs conceive of their roles and organizations, and how other senior learning professionals can become transformers themselves.

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