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Compassionate Systems

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  • Peter Senge
    Senior Lecturer in Leadership and Sustainability MIT Sloan School of Management
  • Mette Miriam Böll PhD
    Visiting Research Scientist MIT - Abdul Latif Jameel World Education Lab


An essential question for the future of education is how to help students understand and respond mindfully and compassionately to the interconnected systemic challenges in our world. These challenges are both global - like climate change, human migration and poverty - and very local, like substance abuse, stress, and cliques and bullying in school. Rather than feeling overwhelmed by the complexity, we believe that the innovations in systems thinking education and social and emotional learning and mindfulness that have occurred over the past two decades can build a cognitive and affective foundation of skills essential for students in today’s world. This webinar provides an introduction to the “compassionate systems” project unfolding with educators around the world as both a framework for classroom and school leadership.


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