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Competencies: The New Currency for the Digital Economy

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Learners don’t know what credentials are valuable. Employers don’t know what credentials mean someone can actually do and educators aren’t sure if or what credentials are leading to good jobs. And what happens for all the people who have no credentials of any kind? Resumes, LinkedIn profiles, job descriptions, and degrees are just proxies of what someone knows and can do. What really matters are the competencies underneath. A competency statement is a bundle of knowledge, skills, and context.

At The Competency Project, Katie and her colleagues believe that competencies are the new currency in the digital economy. In this new economy, all competencies matter, no matter where they were acquired and employers can hire people based on the specific things they can actually do. In this webinar, you will learn about the United States' first-ever competency framework and be introduced to the digital application and exchange where you can create and store competency profiles.

Topics: Future of Work

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