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Creating Virtual Cohort Communities

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Project-based or experiential learning provides a unique opportunity for learners to practice and build their skills, and deepen their understanding of themselves, within a messier problem space than the traditional classroom model affords. When these and other learning spaces go virtual, a host of new challenges emerge. Even when it is possible to log on at the same time, there is more to creating a community and its mechanisms of support in an online setting than simply inhabiting the same virtual space. 

Informed by MIT practice and research, our team at J-WEL has led an effort to establish community spaces that provide learners with an intentional platform to support their development and well-being throughout their learning journey. Powered by reflection and peer learning, these communities use a cohort-based approach where human skills are front and center. Our semester-length program comprising live sessions and asynchronous journaling modules is designed to provide each learner with opportunities to process real-world experience, develop a greater awareness of their skills and ability to leverage them, and craft next steps to power their continued growth. 

This webinar addresses effective practices for generating and growing support structures that elevate the richness of internships, project-based learning, remote coursework, training, and beyond. Join us to learn about -- and experience -- a new approach to creating virtual cohort communities.


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