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Equity and Excellence in K-12 Remote Learning

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  • Justin Reich
    Executive Director, Teaching Systems Lab; Mitsui Career Development Professor, Comparative Media Studies Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Over the past two months, schools in the United States and around the world have conducted an emergency pivot to remote learning. Fragmentary sources of data are beginning to reveal what these practices really look like: state policies (see https://edarxiv.org/437e2), district policies, interviews with educators (see https://osf.io/2fjtc/), and journalistic reporting.

To plan for the fall, we need to bring together the long history of research on distance and online learning with these more recent data and reports. In this webinar, we’ll discuss key relevant research, the emerging picture of remote learning, and strategies for planning during this summer for the challenges of the fall. 

This video includes a moment of silence for recent victims of police brutality, including George Floyd.

View slides from the session.

Topics: Blended/Hybrid Learning COVID-19 Response & Resources

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