GOI Webinar Series: Bridging the Education/Workforce Gap: The Role of Education Policy | MIT J-WEL

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GOI Webinar Series: Bridging the Education/Workforce Gap: The Role of Education Policy

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  • J-WEL Workforce Learning Faculty Advisor, Principal Research Scientist (MIT Sloan) Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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  • Bob LePage
    Assistant Secretary for Career Education Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • Maria Flynn
    President JFF
  • Jennifer James
    Undersecretary For Workforce Development Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • Michael Britt-Crane
    Education and Workforce Development Lead U.S. Department of Defense


For all of the work that educators do, it takes more than good courses to help students make the leap from learning to employment.  How can educators, employers, and policymakers collaborate to deliver greater outcomes for students?  In this session, we’ll view prior J-WEL presentations by leading experts to frame a discussion about major topics in education/workforce policy.

Video excepts will include the following leading experts:

  • Bob LePage, Assistant Secretary for Career Education, Massachusetts
  • Maria Flynn, President JFF
  • Jennifer James, Undersecretary For Workforce Development (MA)
  • Michael Britt-Crane, Education and Workforce Development Lead for DoD ManTech

    This session is part of our new Global Opportunities Initiative (GOI) webinar series where we will bring stories on the changing global economy—and their implications for workforce learning—to the forefront of conversations on the future of work.
    Check the series page for more information on this and other sessions.

Topics: Future of Work

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