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Helping Students Navigate a Computing-Centered World

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  • Kate Weishaar
    First Year Experience Coordinator Massachusetts Institute of Technology


To keep up with an increasingly complex and rapidly changing job market, universities must prepare students that are introspective, versatile, and adept at navigating vast quantities of information. MIT’s Office of the Vice Chancellor has been partnering with current students to design a first-year experience that meets these needs. In this webinar, Kate Weishaar, MIT First Year Experience Coordinator, explains this collaborative design process as well as a few of the resulting efforts to improve the first-year experience.

Intended Learning Outcomes
By the end of the webinar, participants should be able to identify current student strategies for navigating the college experience, examine the roles that upper-level students play in the first-year experience, and explain how computing has complicated the process of self-discovery for college students.

Topics: University Design Student Motivation

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