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Hyper-Local Co-Design for Assistive Technologies

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  • Kyle Keane
    Lecturer & Research Scientist Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Anna Musser
    Technical Associate Massachusetts Institute of Technology


In this webinar, you'll hear from Dr. Kyle Keane and Anna Musser about their experiences building a study abroad program with MIT-India that brings MIT undergraduates to developing countries where they co-design assistive technologies by collaborating with local college students, working professionals, and people living with disabilities. This feet-on-the-ground, intercultural experience provides students with a unique opportunity to find highly-impactful engineering projects that align their technical skills and humanistic ideals.

One of these projects, funded by J-WEL, will continue to full production and distribution over 2019/2020. You will hear about the itinerary and highlights of the latest trip, first-hand stories from students who participated in the program, ongoing efforts, future plans, and details about the logistics, partnerships, and other resources needed to replicate this model. You can find out more information at http://news.mit.edu/2019/co-designing-assistive-technologies-india-0325.

Topics: Case Studies Project-Based Learning Real-World Contexts Diversity and Inclusion

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