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Introduction to Design Thinking (J-WEL Connections)

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In these Design Thinking hands-on sessions, we present an approach for how to create new opportunities for both students and educators by making connections between the topics covered in the classroom, their communities, and the environments they live in.

Expected learning outcomes include an understanding of the principles of design thinking through a practical experience that walks the participant through the process of creating hands-on learning activities that are situated within local contexts as well as how this can be taken beyond with newer expectations about learning. Now, more than usual, it is vital to consider the variety of elements that inform learning experiences for both learners and educators, knowing that these can vary greatly from student to student even within the same classroom.

It is also important to clarify the assumptions that are made when initially devising a learning experience through its execution and understand that while initial steps of design thinking are being used to initially conceive activities and curricula, the process of making a learning experience itself is iterative and it involves a much larger process.

Topics: Curriculum Design

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