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LINC 2019 Panel: Educating for Future Work

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  • Byron D. Clift Breland
    Chancellor San Jose – Evergreen Community College District (SJECCD)
  • Damian Ewens
    Learning Designer
  • Farnaz Haghseta
    Managing Director America's Job Exchange
  • David Soo
    Chief of Staff JFF
  • Portia Wu
    Managing Director of U.S. Public Policy Microsoft


The skills required for the workforce of the future demand a rethinking of education at all levels to ensure learners have the in-demand skills, critical thinking abilities, and social/interpersonal capabilities necessary to ensure prosperity for individuals and the economies in which they live. Representatives of San Jose State Community College, Microsoft, America's Job Exchange, and more discuss how educational systems need to adapt to ensure they meet the needs of a rapidly changing work environment.

Topics: Future of Work Real-World Contexts

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