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Success Factors in University and Industry Collaboration (Module 3)

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  • Research Director, MIT Innovation Initiative & Visiting Scholar, Sloan School of Management Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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  • Ciro Acedo Boria Head of Open Innovation Ecosystem
  • Juan Manuel “Juanma” Freire Head of Scientific Affairs


The third module of our "Success Factors in University and Industry Collaboration Workshop."

Workshop Description

Collaborations between industry and universities are critical drivers of the innovation economy. These relationships have long been a mainstay of research and development (R&D) — from creating the knowledge foundations for the next generation of solutions, to serving as an extended “workbench” to solve short-term, incremental problems, to providing a flow of newly minted talent. 

As many corporations look to open innovation to augment their internal R&D efforts, universities have become essential partners. As universities look to further develop their innovation ecosystems, and best prepare their graduates to thrive and define the workforce, they look towards collaboration with industry. 

Learn how to be successful in creating and further developing partnerships between your university and local and international corporations. This workshop gives you a unique opportunity to learn about the five success factors for creating strategic industry partnerships and how to use the Industry Partnership Canvas as your strategic tool in the process.

Outcomes: The workshop will focus on the following features and outcomes: 

  • Gain insights about the success factors for developing a strategic and systematic approach to collaborating with industry
  • Use the Partnership Canvas as a systematic approach to assess, and further develop a strategic partnership approach 
  • Develop a common understanding of what makes a partnership strategic and a common language to discuss this issue

Topics: Innovation/Entrepreneurship Education

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