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Systems Thinking Iceberg Tool Practice (J-WEL Connections)

Resource Visibility: J-WEL pK-12, J-WEL Higher Education, J-WEL Workforce Learning, J-WEL Connections 2020

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  • Mette Miriam Böll PhD
    Visiting Research Scientist MIT - Abdul Latif Jameel World Education Lab
  • Peter Senge
    Senior Lecturer in Leadership and Sustainability MIT Sloan School of Management


Dr. Peter Senge and Dr. Mette Miriam Böll invite participants to practice using the Systems Thinking Iceberg Tool as a way of visualizing how our attention naturally focuses on things "above the waterline," when there are deeper issues below the waterline that are invisible to us.

Topics: Science of Learning and Cognition Pedagogical Strategies Mindset

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