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What the History of Education Technology Teaches us about Pandemic Teaching

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  • Justin Reich
    Executive Director, Teaching Systems Lab; Mitsui Career Development Professor, Comparative Media Studies Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Widespread school closures are unprecedented, but the use of education technology and online learning to reach across distances, teach refugee and disaster-impacted communities, and expand the possibilities of schooling is quite common. In Failure to Disrupt: Why Technology Alone Can't Transform Education, MIT professor Justin Reich looks through the history of instructor-guided courses like MOOCs, algorithm-guided tools like adaptive tutors, and peer-guided spaces like networked learning communities.

He argues that education technology has never sweepingly transformed schools, but there are specific tools and approaches that work well in certain subjects with certain students. Looking back at where technology has made the most positive difference and understanding the barriers to adoption and effective implementation can give us clues to how we can make remote and hybrid learning work better this year. 

View slides from the session.

Topics: Blended/Hybrid Learning COVID-19 Response & Resources

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