J-WEL members participate via our three collaboratives: pK-12 @ J-WEL, Higher Education @ J-WEL, and Workplace Learning @ J-WEL. Members can join one or more collaboratives at a variety of levels that meet their organizational budgets and address the scope of their educational goals.

Each of our collaboratives takes a unique approach to addressing the interests of our members:


  pK-12 @ J-WEL

pK-12 @ J-WEL is reinventing pre-school, elementary, middle, and high school education to develop communities of the future thinkers and doers of the planet by engaging growing numbers of diverse learners and educators through design, research and implementation of educational innovations.


  Higher Education @ J-WEL

Higher Education @ J-WEL is building a community of global leaders that will transform higher education for success of students across the globe.


   Workplace Learning @ J-WEL

Workplace Learning @ J-WEL is revitalizing workplace learning to fulfill the potential of the next generation for the industries of tomorrow, while also keeping today’s workforce nimble, productive, and engaged.