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Content Author:
Kate Weishaar
Date: 21 May 2019

Kate Weishaar, MIT First Year Experience Coordinator, explains current student strategies for navigating the college experience, examines the roles that upper-level students play in the first-year experience, and explains how computing has complicated the process of self-discovery for college students.

Content Author:
Date: 9 March 2019

Curt Newton, Publication Director of MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW), discusses the current state and future direction of OCW.

Content Author:
Jeff Dieffenbach, Aaron Kessler
Date: 16 November 2018

This is an excerpt from a webinar that shares the latest research on the science of learning, including issues of retention and spaced learning.

Content Author:
Radhika Bhula, Meagan Neal
Date: 11 July 2018

Radhika Bhula, Policy Manager at the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL), describes a report compiling 58 different evaluations from 28 low and middle-income countries on primary and secondary school attendance. 

Content Author:
Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab
Date: 1 August 2017

This bulletin reviews 58 randomized evaluations from 28 low- and middle-income countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America that tested programs designed to increase school enrollment and...

Content Author:
Vimala Palaniswamy
Date: 29 May 2018

MIT Bootcamps Associate Director Vimala Palaniswamy explains how corporate employees grow after attending MIT Bootcamps. 

From our May 29, 2018, Workplace Learning webinar, "MIT...

Content Author:
Peter Senge, Mette Miriam Böll PhD
Date: 23 May 2018

An essential question for the future of education is how to help students understand and respond mindfully and compassionately to the interconnected systemic challenges in our world. These...

Content Author:
Eric Klopfer
Date: 31 January 2018

What are chocolate-covered broccoli games, and why might better alternatives exist for teaching kids using educational games? MIT Prof. Eric Klopfer, Faculty Co-Director of pK-12 @ J-WEL, explains.

Content Author:
Mette Miriam Böll PhD
Date: 23 May 2018

Dr. Mette Böll discusses the connections between social-emotional learning and systems thinking.

Content Author:
Peter Senge
Date: 7 December 2017

From our 12/7/17 webinar with Peter Senge, titled "Systems Thinking and Learning Organizations: Implications for J-WEL." This video is an excerpt of Peter's comments on complexity and learning....