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This workshop will discuss some of the practices (good and bad) around using digital content in a blended and hybrid context and how to use these examples to design an engaging blended learning experience or program. During the sessions, participants will engage in group discussions to analyze and evaluate some of the examples and align with the principles of learning design. Participants will submit a short description of an experience of their own around blended learning (individually or in groups) and will get feedback from peers and from the workshop leaders. 

Katie is the Director of The Competency Project, a center at national nonprofit, Corporation for a Skilled Workforce. Her team is focused on competencies as the new unit of value for the future of work and what this means for credentialing, hiring and education.

Facilitated by Drs. Peter Senge and Mette Boell, this is the semi-annual capacity building workshop for the global community of schools, local communities, educators and people who work directly with youth outside of schools as well. 

Take this MITx online course to become a change leader and take the first step towards launching initiatives to improve teaching and learning.

The three J-WEL Collaboratives—pK-12, Higher Education, and Workplace Learning—will convene for relevant presentations, research briefs, hands-on exercises, panels, and workshops. Throughout the program, in collaboration with MIT faculty and staff, members will be challenged to define their key goals and mechanisms for implementation.