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This workshop provides an opportunity to learn about evidence-based practices for design and implementation of learning experiences. You will apply practical strategies and tools to create a problem-based, student-centered curriculum strongly grounded in instructional design principles. You will examine and evaluate learning practices based on findings from learning sciences, and will engage in hands-on activities to create prototypes of digital or face-to-face lesson content. You will be introduced to examples of best practices employed at MIT presented by experts from different disciplines. 

Collaborations between industry and universities are critical drivers of the innovation economy. These relationships have long been a mainstay of research and development (R&D) — from creating the knowledge foundations for the next generation of solutions, to serving as an extended “workbench” to solve short-term, incremental problems, to providing a flow of newly minted talent.  As many corporations look to open innovation to augment their internal R&D efforts, universities have become essential partners. As universities look to further develop their innovation ecosystems, and best prepare their graduates to thrive and define the workforce, they look towards collaboration with industry. 

Join for the Scratch Conference 2020, a playful gathering of educators, researchers, developers, and other members of the worldwide Scratch community. The conference comes at a time of great opportunity but also great challenge for education and learning—so the Scratch community is excited to come together to share ideas about how to support creative learning experiences for young people around the world.

The Connected Learning Summit represents a merger between three community events with this shared vision and values: the Digital Media and Learning Conference, the Games+Learning+Society Conference, and Sandbox Summit. With a unique focus on cross-sector connections and progressive and catalytic innovation, this event brings together leading researchers, educators and developers.