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Designing Learning Experiences Series

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Series Description

As part of the J-WEL Connections event, we have developed a series of sessions around "Designing Learning Experiences" to support educators as they design activities and curricula inspired by MIT’s “Mens et Manus” (minds and hands) approach to learning. Our goal is to empower educators to be able to construct learning experiences where they can be the most effective at engaging with learners, not only while considering a given classroom environment and subject matter, but also their educational systems, their students, and themselves.

Both what is learned and how learning happens are both important aspects of the learning experience, and we will focus on how approaches such as a multidisciplinary learning can best integrate concepts from different domains. 

Through this six-week series, participants will be presented with different concrete approaches to curriculum design, be given the opportunity to deepen their understanding of different methodologies such as project-, inquiry-, and blended-based learning, and consider the impact of authentic assessment. The series will end with a design thinking session that will lead into a curriculum design project where participants will collaborate with peers and get feedback from members of the MIT community.


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Designing Learning Experiences Series Schedule

We are designing the interactions to make sure participants don't miss the sessions. Every Monday, we will make the content of the week available and will schedule one live session for participants to meet members of the MIT community in person. As we learn more about where participants will be joining from, we will be able to make decisions about when might be best to schedule additional live sessions. 

The MIT teams are designing activities, and the level of effort may change from week to week. However, most weeks will require 2 to 3 hours of time. The amount of time spent on the final presentation will also be at your team's discretion.

The topics of the different weeks are:
  • Week of April 6 -   Unpacking Curriculum
  • Week of April 13 - Blended Learning
  • Week of April 20 - Inquiry and Problem Based Learning
  • Week of April 27 - Beyond Rubrics
  • Week of May 4 -    Design Thinking
  • Week of May 11 -  Final presentations from participants