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Higher Ed @ J-WEL will build a community of global leaders that will transform Higher Education for success of students across the globe.

Higher Education has immense power: giving students access to knowledge that uncovers their talents and developing competencies preparatory for careers and economic success. MIT education is uniquely powerful through its combination of problem-solving focus; entrepreneurial culture; hands on learning and incorporation of digital tools.

Led by faculty director, Prof. Hazel Sive, Higher Ed @ J-WEL convenes a select group of global colleagues at MIT to address educational challenges. In goal-driven interactions with MIT faculty and staff, participants design and build curriculum, programs and institutes. J-WEL Members are invited to attend J-WEL Weeks, intense thematic programs that define goals and steps towards implementation; to participate in J-WEL Exchanges, outcome-driven workshops and bootcamps; and to join J-WEL Designer, leading to development of new institutions.

MIT faculty, staff and students are closely connected with Higher Ed @ J-WEL through Grants in Higher Education Innovation; presentations and collaborations in J-WEL Weeks, J-WEL Exchanges, J-WEL Designer, Faculty Forums, the Higher Ed @ J-WEL Advisory Group and J-WEL Ambassador opportunities for students.

J-WEL Weeks are signature, goal-oriented programs that provide members with first-hand access to MIT’s educational resources and practice.

  • J-WEL Weeks are led by Hazel Sive, Director of Higher Education @ J-WEL
  • Two distinct J-WEL Weeks are run per year, each thematic, and comprising multiple modules.
  • Each week is goal-oriented. Throughout each week, participants incrementally formulate goals and implementation plans relevant to their educational challenges. This will be done in consultation with MIT faculty and staff

J-WEL Exchanges are ‘deep dive’ collaborations with MIT faculty and staff, and focus on specific topics.

  • Programs are one to two weeks and include hands on, intense workshops.
  • Participants may design curriculum, change pedagogy, build new programs or alter organizational structure.
  • Each J-WEL Exchange is outcome driven, and substantial connections with MIT are maintained.

 One week bootcamps might include:

  • Entrepreneurship in higher education
  • Problem solving culture
  • Gender equity and diversity
  • Strong faculty and governance
  • The build anything campus

Two week workshops might include

  • MIT-Educator: Curriculum design and pedagogy
  • Research as entrepreneurship: Devising high impact research programs

Together, J-WEL Weeks and J-WEL Exchanges will build a J-WEL community of global and MIT colleagues, working to transform education and empower students.