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Revitalizing workplace learning to fulfill the potential of the next generation for the industries of tomorrow, while also keeping today’s workforce nimble, productive, and engaged.

Workplace Learning @ J-WEL is a community of corporate executives, academic researchers, engineers and educators focused on today’s most important challenges in corporate learning and skills development.

Using approaches founded on learning science and technology as well as contemporary content, Workplace Learning @ J-WEL strives to increase the world’s understanding of skill dynamics, hiring and development strategies, and innovative approaches to learning.  The analyses, experiments, and solutions that will developed, will benefit employees, customers and communities in all sectors of the economy and the globe.

Led by Faculty Director George Westerman, Workplace Learning @ J-WEL provides its members a forum to learn from, and in some cases participate in, research projects designed to improve workplace learning effectiveness. The collaborative will work with industry leaders to advance the scientific understanding of adult learning, improve workplace training and upskilling, match education pathways to career readiness, explore new forms of workplace credentialing and certification, and guide research and policy on labor market needs and future jobs.

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J-WEL Weeks are signature, goal-oriented programs that provide members with first-hand access to MIT’s educational resources and practice.

J-WEL Weeks are led by Hazel Sive, Director of Higher Education @ J-WEL
Two distinct J-WEL Weeks are run per year, each thematic, and comprising multiple modules.
Each week is goal-oriented. Throughout each week, participants incrementally formulate goals and implementation plans relevant to their educational challenges. This will be done in consultation with MIT faculty and staff

J-WEL Exchanges are ‘deep dive’ collaborations with MIT faculty and staff, and focus on specific topics.

Programs are one to two weeks and include hands on, intense workshops.
Participants may design curriculum, change pedagogy, build new programs or alter organizational structure.
Each J-WEL Exchange is outcome driven, and substantial connections with MIT are maintained.

 One week bootcamps might include:

  • Entrepreneurship in higher education
  • Problem solving culture
  • Gender equity and diversity
  • Strong faculty and governance
  • The build anything campus

Two week workshops might include

  • MIT-Educator: Curriculum design and pedagogy
  • Research as entrepreneurship: Devising high impact research programs

Together, J-WEL Weeks and J-WEL Exchanges will build a J-WEL community of global and MIT colleagues, working to transform education and empower students.