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Engage With Workforce Learning

There are two main constituents needed for the proper development of the Workforce Learning Collaborative at J-WEL (J-WEL Workforce Learning): MIT researchers and industrial organizations. The primary goal of the WFL Collaborative is to develop relationships between these constituents through shared research interests and resulting projects. To this end, we propose starting work in three of the five focus areas we identified during our inaugural J-WEL Week in October 2017:

  • Impact of Learning – Conducting studies to measure the effectiveness of different methods of individual learning for both the individual and the organization.
  • Workforce 2025 – Identifying skills that will be required in the workforce of the future as a result of new developments in AI, demographic trends, globalization, and other factors.
  • EdTech and Platforms – Devising technological solutions to enable more efficient, effective, and ubiquitous learning, including building platforms and helping to make sense of educational technology (EdTech) options.
  • Design of Workplace Learning Organization – Improving the role and function of the learning organization in enterprises of all sizes.
  • Specific Content – Providing assets of specific content that will be important for current or future skill development.

To move the agenda forward, we will propose specific research projects that leverage the creative power of the MIT community and address real-world problems identified in conjunction with our industrial collaborators.