The BioBits Project was started by a group of synthetic biologists who wanted to help students learn biology by doing biology. Usually, running biology experiments outside of a lab was very difficult due to the expensive equipment and complex nuances in growing living organisms. BioBits take advantage of cutting-edge freeze-dried cell-free technology to make it possible to run biological experiments without living cells. Learn about DNA and how it makes proteins by making your own fluorescent proteins, hydrogels, and more! BioBits are portable, user-friendly, and inexpensive, making it possible for to teach biology outside of the lab. Join us in the BioBits community!


For our prototype beta-testers: 

All of the curriculum for the prototype BioBits kit (worksheets, instructional manuals, and tutorial videos) can be found in this group under "Resources". 


We graciously thank J-WEL for awarding us the J-WEL Innovation Grant, which has help fund the development of our BioBits prototype kits. For more information, please contact