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Project Group: Monday - Friday, 11:25am - Noon
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Who am I

Hi everyone! Welcome to my group! This is a space for all of you to explore your curiosity, so don't be afraid to ask a question or reach out at any point.

First off, a little about me. I just graduated from Boston University with a major in Biological Anthropology and minors in Archaeology and the Classics. I am originally from Denver, CO and have been teaching and working since 14. In my undergrad, I conducted research that led to me presenting at two regional conferences and successfully defending a Senior Honors thesis about Lemur Nasal Cavities. I am currently working with a group of scholars on a graphic novel about archaeology and working with a previous professor on transferring chimpanzee fecal matter for future DNA extraction. In my free time, I enjoy board games and RPGs (D&D and more) as well as write poetry and do photo and video editing. I play multiple instruments and love animals.

I am excited to work with all of you and hopefully help you discover all the ways you can integrate science and art into meaningful and enjoyable hobbies and careers. Also feel free to email me cool articles or links you come across!


How to contact me:

email: cavega@mit.edu

Rocket Chat

If you've never used it before, this is rocket.chat! You should be able to log in with the same information you used to log into JWEL. Your first task is to try sending me a message here!