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FSA - Lucy's Project Group


Schedule for this week's Project Module Time

Tuesday: Introduction to Scratch and Microbit
Introduction to Scratch, an visual programming language and online community where you can create your own interactive stories, games, and animations.
The BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer that encourages kids to learn basic coding and programming skills. The Microbit features 25 LED lights, sensors ,and programmable buttons, which can be used for developing projects.
Wednesday and Thursday: Fun with Satellite Module
Activities in this module include designing a space mission badge, using google maps to develop a data driven story, and building a mockup of a cube satellite out of cardboard and programming a micro:bit to collect data.
Friday: Guest Speaker (end at 1pm)

Who am I

Hi everyone! Welcome to my group! This is a space for all of you to explore your curiosity, so don't be afraid to ask a question or reach out at any point.

First off, a little about me...

My name is Lucy and I’m from Maine. I studied Art History and Anthropology at McGill University in Montreal, Canada for four years. I am currently living in London, where I will be starting a Masters in Art History at the Courtauld Institute of Art, so every time we meet I will be 5 hours ahead of all of you! I am also bilingual, speaking French and English, since my mother is from France. In my free time, I love visiting art museums, making beaded jewelry and swimming. This is my first time working with FSA, and I am very excited to get to know all of you and learn together during the next three weeks.


How to contact me:

email: lhbrown@mit.edu


Project Group Norms

We'll take some time to workshop these! But for now, here are a few preliminary norms for us all to follow:  

  • Be respectful to one another
  • Learning is a process for all of us; don't be afraid to make mistakes, we are all here to help each other 
  • Raise your hand (physically or with the Zoom reaction button) if you wish to speak. You can also use the zoom chat whenever you want if that makes you more comfortable! 

Weekly Art and Science Postings: 

Every week I will post a couple images of Artists that have incorporated Science and Design into their pieces to create beautiful and creative objects and experiences. 

This week's image is of Olafur Eliasson’s “Din blinde passager” (2010). The work is considered to be a part of the "Light and Space Movement." Basically, the audience enters into a tunnel that is lit with bright uniform yellow and walks through it until the end. However, through the use of the uniform light, the artist creates the “Ganzfeld Effect” which makes it almost impossible for the viewer to “see” anything. The “Ganzfeld Effect” is very destabilizing for the audience and is said to dissolve a person's sense “self” in space. The audience's body becomes indistinct from the art as the two appear to blend together. 

Below is a link to this work: 



Project Group Link

Project Group: Monday - Thursday, 1pm -3pm
Zoom connection information:  https://mit.zoom.us/j/99720502081




Rocket Chat

If you've never used it before, this is rocket.chat! You should be able to log in with the same information you used to log into JWEL. Your first task is to try sending me a message here!