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J-WEL Exchange: Reboot Curiosity

This J-WEL Exchange will allow teachers to explore and examine the role that curiosity plays in teaching and learning, and ways curiosity can invigorate disciplinary and cross-disciplinary teaching.

The notion of “rebooting” curiosity relies on a metaphor, so let’s unpack it. Rebooting is a kind of starting over, a clearing of memory, a chance to cut the power and make a few changes to the underlying structure of things. If we’re “rebooting” curiosity, then, we are deliberately moving ourselves to the edge of knowing and into not-knowing (a step closer to the student perspective, especially in a student-driven model). Curiosity, as we figure it, is nearly a paradox—the desire to learn more that emerges when we 1) don’t know something, but 2) know enough to want to know more. For teachers who are used to having “the answer,” this can feel in tension with the kind of professional posture that we feel compelled to hold. 

Thus, we envision participants taking away from this experience:

  1. a shift in perception (what constitutes an opportunity for inquiry/curiosity, envisioning connections outside of the usual boundaries, etc.);
  2. replicable processes for guiding generative thinking, iteration, and reflection in an inquiry environment;
  3. critical reflection on internalized instructional habits/practices/knowledge.

Our experience is that this combination produces durable inspiration for new and evolving practices.



Monday, June 7 - Friday, June 11, 2021 (Hong Kong Dates) 
Sunday, June 6 - Thursday, June 10, 2021 (Boston Dates)

8:00 am - 3:00 pm (Hong Kong Time)
8:00 pm - 3:00 am EDT (Boston Time)

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  • Day 1: Intro to week: “Getting Curious about Curiosity”
  • Day 2: “Amplifying Curiosity in the Classroom”
  • Day 3: Develop An Inquiry Mindset: Hands-On Inquiry
  • Day 4: Exploring/Adapting Curiosity Through Disciplinary Lenses
  • Day 5: Reflect, Share and Envision the Future

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