High-Impact Research Workshop 2019


                          "I've become a changed person in terms of my perspective and how we do science research."

                                                                                                                                       -High-Impact Research Participant 2018

J-WEL Higher Education High-Impact Research Workshop


>> For more information or to apply, contact Julia Reynolds-Cuéllar at jreyn AT mit.edu.

July 8-19, 2019

The High-Impact Research Workshop, based at MIT, showcases MIT research programs, high-impact publishing, personnel training, and research proposal writing.

Participants will refine research, writing, publishing, fundraising, and commercial acumen with MIT faculty and staff input, leaving the workshop with a newly designed research grant proposal. 



The evolution of basic and applied science and engineering, as well as the ever-evolving advances of technology and scientific discoveries, pose a competitive environment for researchers worldwide. Researchers are challenged to stay at the cutting-edge of their fields, find funding sources, publish and disseminate their results in prestigious venues, and train effective personnel. 

The successful researcher of the future is a knowledgeable, innovative problem solver who explores scientific, technological, and social needs through cutting-edge research. S/he contributes to the latest key findings and innovations in their field, assesses when new directions are most productive, remains resilient to research funding instability, and promotes the training of future generations of researchers. 

High-impact research is a key aspect of educational transformation that increases the standing of universities by promoting the next generation of highly-trained investigators and economic advance. The MIT J-WEL High-Impact Research Workshop showcases MIT research programs, high-impact publishing, personnel training, and research proposal writing. Moving research results from the university to commercialization is increasingly important; therefore, exposure to the MIT innovation culture is also part of the Workshop.



The High-Impact Research Workshop is comprised of eight modules, including:

  • Framework and Analysis
  • High-Impact Publishing
  • Finding Funding
  • Training Personnel
  • Startup Relevance
  • Case Studies in High-Impact Research
  • Writing a Proposal
  • Reframing your Research. 

Groups and individual faculty members define their goals prior and submit a pre-assessment of their current research prior to arriving at MIT.

At MIT, faculty members participate in intensive, hands-on workshops that encompass material in each module. We expect that faculty attending will reframe their research while at MIT and write a skeleton research proposal to form the basis for future funding applications.



  • High-Impact Research Participants visit MIT for two-weeks for an intense and collegial program designed under the leadership of Director of J-WEL Higher Education, Professor Hazel Sive.
  • At the end of this period, faculty return home with a newly designed research grant proposal. 
  • Reports from each Participant are collected to facilitate discussion and trajectory.



High-Impact Research participants are junior faculty, researchers, and others who have recently written a research proposal. Participants are selected following an application and interview led by an MIT J-WEL panel. 

Faculty from J-WEL member universities are automatically eligible and do not need to apply, but they should contact jreyn at mit.edu for additional details.  



For J-WEL Members

High-Impact Research, as well as other J-WEL workshops, are fully covered as part of J-WEL Sustaining and Charter membership packages. Participants are responsible for the following: visa charges, airfare, accommodation, transportation, and daily spending/food money. We are happy to provide estimates for these costs.

The per-Participant cost for J-WEL Affiliate Members is offered at the reduced rate of $8,000.

Group discounts are available.


For non-J-WEL Members

The per-Participant cost is $10,000. Additional costs may include visa charges, airfare, accommodation, transportation, and daily spending/food money; these are the responsibility of the participant or sponsoring body. We are happy to provide estimates for these costs.

If you would like to discuss joining J-WEL Higher Education as a member, please contact Julia Reynolds-Cuéllar, jreyn AT mit.edu

Group discounts are available.



If you are a university representative and would like your faculty to participate, or if you are an individual faculty member interested in attending and able to fully fund your participation, please contact Julia Reynolds-Cuéllar (jreyn AT mit.edu) to discuss next steps. 



Key Dates

  • April 5, 2019: Deadline to apply.

  • Late April 2019: Prospective Participants are sent online interview requests.

  • Late April/early May 2019: Participants are confirmed.

  • May-July 2019: Participants organize their visa, living arrangements and other logistics.

  • July 8-19, 2019: Workshop takes place at MIT.


Contact Julia Reynolds-Cuéllar at jreyn AT mit.edu.

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