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Higher Education @ J-WEL Workshops

Higher Education @ J-WEL Workshops are intensive, hands-on, outcome-oriented 1-2 week programs held at the MIT campus. Participants will leave with implementable output to be scaled and contextualized for each university and country. Participants may design curriculum, change pedagogy, build new programs or alter organizational structure. Workshops are organized and conducted by MIT Faculty and senior staff.

If you are a J-WEL member, you receive either a significant discount on J-WEL seats, or they are included as part of your membership package. Non-J-WEL members are able to purchase seats for most J-WEL Workshops.

For any questions, please contact: Julia Reynolds-Cuéllar, jreyn AT mit. edu


Upcoming workshops include:


Curriculum & Course Design Workshop, June 10-21, 2019 at MIT

We invite university faculty from any institution to apply, and faculty from J-WEL member universities, for this intensive workshop. Participants will develop a rubric for curriculum design, MIT-style, and leave with implementation-ready curriculum. Applicable to individual faculty or groups wishing to effect major curriculum redesign across a discipline.  Learn more. 


High-Impact Research Workshop, July 8-19, 2019 at MIT 

During this workshop, participating faculty develop research, writing, publishing, fundraising, and commercialization acumen with MIT faculty and staff input. Participants leave with a newly designed research grant proposal.

Group Discounts available

Please contact Julia Reynolds-Cuéllar if your university is interest in sending faculty: jreyn AT mit.edu


Future one-week workshops include:

  • Gender Equity and Diversity
  • Strong Faculty and Governance
  • Building Great Staff
  • The Build Anything Campus
  • Digital Tools
  • Technology Licensing and IP

Future two-week workshops include:

  • The Blended Classroom: Incorporating Digital Curriculum