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The Human Skills Matrix

How does education prepare workers for the digital economy? How do individuals keep up with the pace of change? How will firms remain competitive? The answer to all three of these questions requires careful examination of the skills and attributes needed by all workforce participants. Focusing on STEM skills is not enough. Every employee, whether technical or not, needs a set of essential non-technical skills to thrive in today's digitally-powered organizations. The Human Skills Matrix (HSX) captures these nontechnical skills that make rapid learning and adaptability possible across all industries. 


Digital and technical skills are critical to emerging jobs and industries, but it is the uniquely human skills that will be immune from machine replacement for the longest and will ensure individuals can thrive in the new economy. The matrix has four quadrants for self-management and external behaviors.




The HSX team embarked on a robust research process to create the tool. This included a literature review, analysis of 41 other frameworks and interviews with MIT faculty, employers and thought leaders. Learn more about the methodology and data here! 



View sample curriculum and see how you can build your own programs using the Human Skills Matrix. Make sure to speak to employers, workforce, and educators here. 



The report from our March 2020 Human Skills Workshop is now available for download. This report provides an overview of the March 2020 Human Skills Workshop (HSX), including key takeaways and insights from the workshop's expert panels. You can also view the full videos from the Human Skills Workshop.

The HSX team has also produced downloadable slides, a series of papers, collated news and other research to support learning and adoption. This portal will also keep you up to date on news, events, podcasts, and webinars.