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J-WEL Connections - March 2022

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Starts March 28, 2022

Futures Possible

Thinking today about plausible technological, social, and economic configurations that could reshape education in 2032.

Join us for a week of lively discussions and provocative presentations to fuel your future-informed thinking. Many are appropriately skeptical of trend forecasting, but the discipline of foresight sets aside prediction in favor of considering a handful of extreme but plausible future scenarios, including those we may not prefer. A look at what the world could look like in the coming years can equip you to shape the future that you want for your organization and society.

A brief overview of foresight methods, including tools and techniques that decades of research and practice have helped to refine, provides a framework for the week. We’ll discuss the art of backcasting and touch on risk mitigation as we connect our discussions with varied efforts across MIT to explore potential futures. We’ll spark your thinking with a selection of cutting-edge research and teaching ideas from across MIT and the J-WEL community. By the end of J-WEL Connections you will have made a start in identifying potential futures that could affect your own organization and we will have shared initial ideas for actions we can take now to enable desired futures. We are looking forward to learning from you in this far-ranging series of discussions and presentations that will get us all thinking in new ways.




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Important Announcements

  • Connections starts March 28, 2022!