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J-WEL Connections - March 2022

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We look forward to welcoming you to J-WEL Connections!

Join us for a week of lively discussions and provocative presentations to fuel your future-informed thinking. Many are appropriately skeptical of trend forecasting, but the discipline of foresight sets aside prediction in favor of considering a handful of extreme but plausible future scenarios, including those we may not prefer. A look at what the world could look like in the coming years can equip you to shape the future that you want for your organization and society.
Monday, 28 March

Studying the future

We help invent the future when we create new technologies and ideas. Foresight can set the stage. To learn about methods for looking ahead, we consider the lessons of two extensive studies: an Institute-wide task force and a scenario study for an entire industry.
Tuesday, 29 March

Methods for mapping futures in education

The J-WEL team will share recent work and plans for the year. To set the stage, we’ll take a look at J-WEL members’ innovations on our new VOX platform. Next, we’ll consider structured methods for looking ahead to the future of education and leave you with some practical tools.
Wednesday, 30 March

MIT innovators imagine possible futures

To inspire your thinking, six MIT innovators frame their own takes on a possible future for education grounded in their own work and then explore the implications in conversation with each other. We’ll add creativity and context with a discussion surrounding other visions for the future.
Thursday, 31 March

Gathering input to fuel your foresight

How to ensure that our foresight puts learners at the center? We’ll start with schools–including a “reading club” moment to discuss a provocative look ahead–then step back to ask what we can learn from new forms of data collection and disciplined future studies.
Friday, 1 April

Action planning for future-ready education

Futuring will help create the education we seek for tomorrow’s learners if we can deepen our thinking, draw on evidence, and link our imagination to action today. We look back on the week and work on a memo to capture your insights and detail next steps, inspiring a forward-looking closing conversation.