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J-WEL Higher Education

J-WEL Higher Education members address key university goals, with MIT input, and join a community united in the mission to transform education. 

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Higher Education is central to creating a knowledge economy and critical for a country's economic development. Tertiary education provides students access to knowledge that uncovers their talents, developing competencies for meaningful careers and provides a framework for researchers to understand and solve the greatest challenges facing their society. The demand for Higher Education is also rapidly expanding across the globe, while, simultaneously, the face of the workforce is changing, requiring universities to innovate and transform.

J-WEL Higher Education works with members in high-impact ways by creating personalized engagements with MIT based on five themes: Curriculum & Pedagogy; Digital & Online Learning; University Strategy & Structure; Research Practice; Entrepreneurship & Innovation. 

Please learn more our community members here: https://jwel.mit.edu/j-wel-members#highereducation

J-WEL Higher Education Mechanisms

J-WEL Weeks

Intense members and invitation-only gatherings for senior university leadership, on the MIT campus, that provide first-hand access to MIT innovations and practice, and a platform to connect and learn from our community. 

J-WEL Connections

Intense members and invitation-only digital gatherings for senior university leadership that provide first-hand access to MIT innovations and practice, and a platform to connect and learn from our community. 

J-WEL Higher Education Workshops

Hands-on, outcome-oriented programs designed for university faculty and staff held at either the MIT campus or online that address topics relevant to our members. Participants leave with implementable output. 
Please visit of Workshops page to learn more: https://jwel.mit.edu/j-wel-higher-education-workshops

J-WEL Higher Education Webinars

Frequent live online discussions with MIT faculty and senior staff that focus on important topics in Higher Education.

J-WEL Engagement

With the support of a J-WEL strategic analysis, members identify specific goals, within the overarching themes, for the university to carryout.
A sampling of current university members goals include:

  • Integrating active learning into undergraduate courses
  • Implementing blended learning in general education requirements
  • Redesigning the university faculty promotion structure
  • Designing a structure to engage with local industry.

J-WEL then builds a custom support plan by matching complementary and relevant member offerings to achieve university goals. 



If you are interested in joining our Higher Education community, please contact Julia Reynolds-Cuéllar, jreyn AT mit.edu.