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J-WEL Higher Education Grant Awardees


J-WEL Grants in Higher Education Innovation support proposals that impact MIT education, with broad potential for impact in global settings and with global learners. These grants are awarded twice per year, with Spring and Fall cycles. Proposals are reviewed by the J-WEL Higher Education Faculty Advisory Committee. Grant recipients are listed below by grant cycle.

Spring 2020 Grant Awardees

  • Professor Alan Edelman, Department of Mathematics: Computational Thinking with Julia - Applications to COVID-19
  • Professor D. Fox Harrell, Department of Comparative Media Studies/Writing: Teaching Media Literacy in the Age of Deepfakes
  • Professor Sheila Kennedy, Department of Architecture: THE PLANT: Reimagining Core 3 Integrated Studio
  • Professor Maria Yang, Department of Mechanical Engineering: Embracing Failure through Design: Learning from Failure through Visual Thinking and a Community of Practice
  • Professor Siqi Zheng, Department of Urban Studies and Planning: Sustainable Urbanization: Healthy Building Practicum
  • Professors Kersten Perez and Nuh Gedik, Department of Physics: Electricity and Magnetism Take-Home Design Experiments

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Fall 2019 Grant Awardees

  • Professor Azra Aksamija, Department of Architecture: Cultural Resilience: Preservation Experiments in Digital/Textile Storytelling
  • Professor Jeffrey Hoffman, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics: Outside Lecturers to Enhance the "Engineering Space Shuttle" 
  • Professor Janelle Knox-Hayes, Department of Urban Studies and Planning: Developing a Course Titled 'Cities and Climate Change: Mitigation and Adaptation'
  • Dr. John Liu, Augmented Reality Instruction for Manufacturing Analysis
  • Professor Christine Ortiz, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Past.Present.Future: Fostering Socially-Directed and Inclusive Materials Innovation in Higher Education


Spring 2019 Grant Awardees

  • Professor Lily Tsai, Department of Political Science: Behavior Science in the Field
  • Professor Pawan Sinha, Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences: TactionTablet: Makerspace Training with a Social Impact
  • Professor John Belcher, Department of Physics and Dr. Scott Greenwald (MIT Media Lab): Open-Source Desktop and Virtual Reality 3D Visualizations for Instruction in Electromagnetism
  • Dr. Wyn Kelley and Dr. Joaquin Terrones, Department of Literature: Global Literature, São Paulo: Race, Modernity and Displacement in the Americas
  • Dr. David Kong (MIT Media Lab) and Professor Joseph Jacobson, Department of Media Arts and Sciences: LINX: Lab-IN-a-boX” for Biological Investigation


Fall 2018 Grant Awardees

  • Professor Ed Crawley, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics: Project-Based Learning for Digital Natives
  • Dr. Rich Fletcher, D-Lab: Technologies for Mental Health and Wellness
  • Professor Yasheng Huang, MIT Sloan: Developing a Teaching Case on the Student Learning Process in a Project-Based Learning Context
  • Professor Lionel Kimerling, Department of Materials Science & Engineering: Virtual and Hands-on Integrated Photonics
  • Professor Christine Ortiz, Department of Materials Science & Engineering: Discipline-Specific Social Inquiry in STEM Education
  • Professor Nida Sinnokrot, Department of Architecture: Common Ground: Art, Science, Agriculture

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Spring 2018 Grant Awardees

  • Professor Dan Frey, Department of Mechanical Engineering: Technology Design for Coffee Production in Colombia: A Co-Design Experience
  • Professor Christine Ortiz, Department of Materials Science and Engineering: Advancing Socially-Directed STEM Education
  • Professor Lisa Parks, Comparative Media Studies/Writing: “Social IT Solutions” Workshop in Tanzania
  • Professor Norvin Richards, Department of Linguistics and Philosophy: Skicinuwi-npisun: A Community-Centered Project for Documentation and Teaching of the Passamaquoddy Languag
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Fall 2017 Grant Awardees

  • Professor Azra Akšamija, Department of Architecture, Culturally Sensitive Design: Art and Innovation in the Refugee Camp
  • Professor W. Craig Carter, Department of Material Sciences & Engineering, Improving Academic-Field-Specific Learning through Coding, Visualization, and Computational Thinking: The CodeSeal Project
  • Professor Christoph Paus, Department of Physics, Fundamentals of Experimentation in the Physics Sciences using an Arduino

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