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J-WEL Workforce Learning

Revitalizing workforce learning to fulfill the potential of the next generation for the industries of tomorrow, while also keeping today’s workforce nimble, productive, and engaged.


Led by Faculty Advisor Dr. George Westerman, J-WEL Workforce Learning provides its members a forum to learn from, and in some cases participate in, research projects designed to improve workforce learning effectiveness. The collaborative will work with industry leaders to advance the scientific understanding of adult learning, improve workforce training and upskilling, match education pathways to career readiness, explore new forms of workforce credentialing and certification, and guide research and policy on labor market needs and future jobs.


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J-WEL Weeks

J-WEL Weeks are signature, goal-oriented programs that provide members with first-hand access to MIT’s educational resources and practice. J-WEL weeks will bring the community of collaborators together to jointly share analyses and propose and review results from experiments that could be used to design and develop solutions to our member’s pressing problems. The week is designed to stimulate new thinking and to develop human- and customer-centric approaches for envisioning and designing new learning experiences that yield tangible results.