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J-WEL Workforce Learning

The right skills to the right people in the right way, at scale. 

J-WEL Workforce Learning works with its members and other cooperating institutions to develop and expand solutions along three key dimensions: advice, learning, and credentials.

For individuals, we seek to provide research-driven advice, right-sized learning, and tools that can help them make their individual competencies evident to potential employers. For corporations, we conduct research and experiments that help chief learning officers and other leaders to transform the way they train workers and develop talent in their organizations. For governments and non-profit institutions, we seek to conduct pilot programs and build research-driven tools to improve workforce learning and job readiness for underserved segments of society.

We do this by provoking valuable conversations, creating and curating components, and collaborating to drive change.

To learn more about our efforts, contact Principal Research Scientist George Westerman at georgew@mit.edu or Assistant Director Susan Young at susany@mit.edu.


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Our Team

George Westerman, Principal Research Scientist
Susan Young, Assistant Director


Advisory Board
William “Bill” Bonvillian (Senior Director, Special Projects, Open Learning) 
Martha Gray (Professor, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science)
Thomas Kochan (George Maverick Bunker Professor of Management, Sloan School of Management)
Vijay Kumar (Executive Director, J-WEL)
Una-May O'Reilly (Principal Research Scientist, CSAIL)
George Westerman (Chair and Principal Research Scientist, J-WEL)