For MIT Students

There are many ways that MIT students can become involved in J-WEL activities:

TA This Summer for J-WEL's Curriculum Design Workshop, July 9-20, 2018

The TAs will work with MIT/J-WEL faculty and staff and play a key role in making an impact on higher education for participating international faculty and their respective universities. Apply now. 


Become a J-WEL Global Ambassador

J-WEL’s Global Ambassador program puts J-WEL’s goals into action by sending top MIT students to work on meaningful education projects across the globe. More information on this program will be available soon.


Volunteer at J-WEL Events

Help out during our events throughout the year to learn more about global innovations in education.


Tell Us About Your Project

Are you working on an innovative educational project or technology? Let us know about it.


Contact Us for More Information on Student Opportunities