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Beyond the ‘Metaverse’: Empowerment in a blended reality

Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory professor D. Fox Harrell, whose Media Literacy in the Age of Deepfakes project was supported by a grant in higher education innovation from J-WEL, has recently published an article in Cyber magazine on making sense of manipulated media. From the article:

Two aspects of recent technologies of virtuality that are different from some earlier, non-digital technologies are the ways they are circulated—ranging from social media to blockchains; and how much they use our senses of sight, sound, and sometimes touch, smell, or even taste, to make us feel that the virtual, simulated experiences are not merely simulations. When these technologies are pervasive, indistinguishable from physical world reality, and perhaps even commodified, the threats are multiplied—ranging from exploitation of individuals to sowing conflict.

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