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Community Jameel, J-WEL Co-Founder, Celebrates 75 Years

1945-2020 75 years
In 2020, J-WEL co-founder Community Jameel celebrated 75 years of addressing global humanitarian challenges through philanthropy. 

Community Jameel shapes its approach to philanthropy by contributing to the fulfilment of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs). Citing education as "a cornerstone on the journey to economic independence," a key driver towards reaching the UN's number one goal of alleviating poverty, in 2017 Community Jameel founded J-WEL with MIT to provide high-quality access to education for all.

In a letter to the Jameel Family of philanthropies, Community Jameel Founder and Chairman Mohammed Jameel '78 writes, 

"I am proud of the way in which we do business, and within this, our commitment to continuous improvement and to making the world a better place for all, investing in the infrastructure of life. Any anniversary this significant is not just about history; it is also about our future – and I believe we can play some contributing role to all seventeen SDGs, but for some we can have a more immediate and direct impact - it’s here that we place our emphasis."Mr. Fady Jameel with j-wel team

Read more and watch 75 Years: The Jameel Family and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Photo: Mr. Fady Jameel meets with the J-WEL team at the October 2019 J-WEL Week.