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George Westerman's publications recognized among best of 2019, decade

George Westerman headshotIf you're an industry leader excited about digital transformation, you're probably already aware that the MIT Sloan Management Review is a great resource for cutting-edge research and innovative ideas. This is why we are very proud to announce that the Sloan Management Review has selected George Westerman's article, The Nine Elements of Digital Transformation, for inclusion in its "Best MIT SMR Articles of the 2010s" list.

Another article co-authored by Westerman, "Building Digital-Ready Culture in Traditional Organizations," was also recognized as one of "The Top MIT SMR Articles of 2019."

George Westerman (right) is a senior lecturer at MIT Sloan and J-WEL Principal Research Scientist for Workforce Learning.

" ""The Nine Elements of Digital Transformation"

This article, which Westerman co-authored with Didier Bonnet and Andrew McAfee, provides advice for managers who want to lead digital change and use technology to redefine their businesses. The authors based their nine elements of digital transformation on research findings from interviews with 157 executives in 50 companies spanning 15 countries. The best companies, they argue, have Digital Maturity, meaning that they "combine digital activity with strong leadership to turn technology into transformation." Read the article in SMR.


" ""Building Digital-Ready Culture in Traditional Organizations" 

Written by Westerman, Deborah L. Soule, and Anand Eswaran, the article provides guidance for legacy companies that want to gain agility and foster innovation without losing everything that has made the company strong, including its top employees and existing practices. The article discusses the authors' research findings and explains the framework they developed that can guide traditional companies regardless of their industry.

"The process begins with understanding the four critical values of digital culture," they write, "impact, speed, openness, and autonomy. It then involves adopting or refining a set of digital-ready practices, grounded in these values, which will shape employee actions and organizational performance." The article is available in SMR.

Westerman's most recent work includes "The Transformer CLO," co-authored with Abbie Lundberg and published in the Harvard Business Review. To keep updated on related work, you can follow him on Twitter.

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