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How Your Organization Can Flourish Under Digital Transformation

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In an update to the 2014 landmark paper, “The Nine Elements of Digital Transformation,” George Westerman, principal research scientist for J-WEL Workforce Learning, has co-authored “The New Elements of Digital Transformation” in the MIT Sloan Management Review. The article explains how the competitive advantages offered by digital technology have evolved since the authors’ initial research.

Organizations who wish to gain a competitive advantage must have agile leadership capabilities and digital capabilities. Westerman says, “The ability to envision and drive change is just as important as the ability to work with technology. If you don’t have both, you can’t succeed in this world.” Harnessing both of these capabilities will drive organizational change in systematic and profitable ways, earning organizations the title of “digital masters.”

One of the major takeaways from the 2020 update is that customer satisfaction is now more important than ever. However, an additional insight indicates that employee satisfaction is just as important. “Employee pain points can be valuable cues on where you can improve the business,” Westerman says. “If you innovate the work experience, you make the whole company better, including the customer experience.” Organizations can improve employee satisfaction through augmentation, future-readying (e.g. training employees in new skills), and flexforcing (e.g. sourcing talent by upskilling current employees and using more freelance workers and independent contractors overall).

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