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J-WEL Global Ambassador Program Launches

J-WEL’s Global Ambassador program puts J-WEL’s goals into action by sending top MIT students to work on meaningful education projects across the globe.

For its launch, J-WEL collaborated with MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives’ (MISTI) Global Teaching Labs and sent Global Ambassadors to Italy and Jordan to teach hands-on courses for secondary school students. Two more ambassadors will travel to South Africa this summer to collaborate with the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences Schools Enrichment Centre (AIMSSEC) in order to work with secondary school math teachers from across the country.

One Global Ambassador’s Experience
MIT sophomore and mechanical engineering major Srimayi Tenali went to Amman, Jordan, where she taught “Intro to Building,” which aimed to get students to understand and explore the design process. The lessons were divided into two sections: How to build (CAD, CNC Machining) and what to build (Product Design, Engineering Design Process). Through a combination of hands-on activities and presentations, students tackle key issues in Amman and develop feasible, innovative solutions. Key activities included the egg drop, where students design safety capsules for eggs to be dropped with limited materials, and a pitch competition, where students present start-up ideas to a classroom of “investors.” Students also learned basic electrical engineering and were introduced to various circuit elements beyond basic ones (transistors, diodes, capacitors) and explored circuit analysis.

Building lessons culminated with Arduino trainings, beginning with lighting an LED, controlling a speaker, and programming a button. Students combined programming lessons with this to design their own projects.

You can read more on her and her team’s group blog here.