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J-WEL Higher Education announces Fall 2018 grant awardees


We are pleased to share awardees for J-WEL Grants in Higher Education Innovation for the fall 2018 cycle. Successful applicants focus on innovations in higher education. Congratulations! 

J-WEL Higher Education's next call for proposals will go out in early March 2019. J-WEL Higher Education members can be collaborators on these grants. Ask us for details.


Project Based Learning for Digital Natives

Professor Ed Crawley, Aero/Astro
The effort will develop a new pedagogical approach that immerses students in a rich digital publishing environment, allowing them to learn through projects in a manner to which digital natives are more accustomed.



Technologies for Mental Health and Wellness

Dr. Rich Fletcher, D-Lab
Proposal to create a groundbreaking, hands-on project course at MIT, open to both undergraduate and graduate students, with the primary goal of enabling MIT students to learn about the intersection of mental health and technology in global and domestic contexts—as well as explore and design their own solutions for promoting mental health and wellness.


Developing a Teaching Case on the Student Learning Process in a Project-Based Learning Context

Professor Yasheng Huang, MIT Sloan
The objective is to support students' ability to make deliberate choices by helping students understand and anticipate what sorts of roadblocks may impede learning—and the strategies that can be used to overcome them.


Virtual and Hands-on Integrated Photonics

Professor Lionel Kimerling, Materials Science & Engineering
The proposal supports a 2019 effort to contribute to three education modules composed of online education simulations (virtual lab) and hands-on lab exercises/lessons plans (real lab) designed for MIT integrated photonics testing labs, including the TAP-focused LEAP faculty at MIT.nano. 


Discipline-Specific Social Inquiry in STEM Education

Professor Christine Ortiz, Materials Science & Engineering
With prior J‐WEL support, the project co‐leads have developed an innovative and unique interdisciplinary pedagogical framework for social inquiry in STEM education, customized to one STEM field, materials science and engineering, and implemented at MIT during fall 2018. 



Common Ground: Art, Science, Agriculture

Professor Nida Sinnokrot, Architecture
This is a proposal for a new subject and pedagogical initiative in the School of Architecture and Planning’s Art, Culture, and Technology Program. Common Ground will address growing ecological crises, displacement from land, and alienation from heritage by engineering solutions that bring together art, science, and agriculture for interdisciplinary study.