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J-WEL Higher Education Postdoc Associate featured in La República Newspaper

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Andrés Felipe Salazar Gómez featured in La República

Colombian newspaper La República, which focuses on finance and entrepreneurship, recently featured Postdoctoral Associate for J-WEL Higher Education, Dr. Andrés Felipe Salazar Gómez (right photo), as one of 43 Colombians studying, working, and participating in research at MIT. Salazar Gómez is a computational neuroscientist with a background in biomedical engineering. His work focuses on improving education in Latin America, with a special interest in transforming primary, secondary and higher education employing neuroscience, the science of learning, and data-driven technologies. 

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Pedro Reynolds-Cuéllar

The article also featured Pedro Reynolds-Cuéllar (left), who is working on a project awarded a grant by J-WEL Higher Education: "Technology Design for Coffee Production in Colombia: A Co-Design Experience." Professor of Mechanical Engineering Dan Frey and Reynolds-Cuéllar led a team in developing an Independent Activities Period course for both graduate and undergraduate students from all five MIT schools. Students in the course co-created or re-designed, along with Colombian coffee farmers, technologies for different stages of the coffee production process in Colombia in the context of climate change adaptation. The first iteration of the course ended last month. 

Reynolds-Cuéllar is a PhD student in the Personal Robots group. He received his bachelor of science in Linguistics and Language Philosophy from the National University of Colombia and his master's degree from MIT. His research focuses on exploring ways in which robots can engage humans in self-reflective and prosocial activities with a particular focus on empathy. His approach draws from principles of cultural evolution, cognitive sciences, linguistics, behavioral psychology, and philosophy.

Advice to Colombians who want to come to MIT 

The article provides advice from the MIT interviewees about how Colombians can become part of MIT, including participating in teaching and research exchanges and contacting MIT professors to express interest in joining the MIT community.


The article is available in both English and Spanish.