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J-WEL library: HybridEd Workshop collection now available

Videos from the HybridEd Workshop 2018: "Successful and Promising Experiences in Blended Learning with MOOCs" have been added to the J-WEL resource library as a private special collection and are available to J-WEL members only. Videos include "The role of the university in a world where learners never graduate," in which Prof. Dellarocas, Associate Provost for Digital Learning and Innovation at Boston University, shares his view of the future role of the university in a world of rapid changes to demands for workforce skills; presentations on iterative improvements to online learning through the use of learning analytics, and panels on other related topics. 

The goal of this workshop was to promote the documentation of successful and promising experiences in blending learning (BL). The workshop encouraged attendees to share their BL scenarios and the metrics for success that guided their blended educational practices using MOOCs or other online resources as well as share the lessons learned from those promising practices that did not turn out as expected. 

View a clip of "The role of the university in a world where learners never graduate" below.