Join us for our March 4th Workshop on “Human Skills” for the Workforce of the Future | MIT J-WEL

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Join us for our March 4th Workshop on “Human Skills” for the Workforce of the Future

Experts from MIT, LearnLaunch, and the International Labor Organization to headline exploration of social and higher-order thinking skills

On March 4, 2020, J-WEL will offer a workshop bringing together leaders in workforce learning - academic, business, non-profit, and government --  to explore Human Skills -- the social and higher-order thinking skills that are essential to success in the dynamic organizations of today and tomorrow. The event, “Human Skills: From Conversations to Convergence,” will be held on the MIT campus on March 4, 2020, from 8:45 am to 5 pm, followed by a reception.

While STEM skills are valuable, they can depreciate rapidly. Human skills are longer-lasting, but also more difficult to train and assess. During this highly interactive workshop, which is currently open for registration, participants will explore the value of human skills and cutting-edge ways to train and assess them across the workforce learning ecosystem.

“We’re really excited about this event,” explains J-WEL Principal Research Scientist George Westerman. “There are many different ways to define human skills and not enough agreement on how to teach and measure them. We hope to foster a conversation, and a network of interested leaders, who can start to converge on good approaches.”

Registration for the event is now open. Confirmed speakers include Jean Hammond (LearnLaunch), Charlie Bodwell (International Labour Organization), and Namrata Kala (MIT). The event will be followed by a reception. We encourage all professionals who care about workforce learning and human skills -- from corporations, schools and universities, non-profit organizations or EdTech companies to join us at this exciting event. J-WEL members interested in attending should email us.

About J-WEL Workforce Learning

J-WEL Workforce Learning works with its members and other cooperating institutions to rethink the process of workforce learning around the world -- to provide the right skills to the right people at the right time, at scale. For corporations, Workforce Learning conducts research and experiments that help chief learning officers and other business executives to innovate the way they train workers and develop talent in their organizations. For individuals, Workforce Learning seeks to provide research-driven advice, right-sized learning, and tools that can help them make their individual competencies evident to potential employers. For governments and non-profit institutions, Workforce Learning conducts pilot programs and builds research-driven tools to improve workforce learning and job readiness for underserved segments of society. For more information, contact Principal Research Scientist George Westerman at georgew AT mit DOT edu or Assistant Director Susan Young at susany AT mit DOT edu.